Water Features

Come home and escape to your own backyard paradise with running fountains, ponds and waterfalls that give you a sense of peace and tranquility. Evergreen will design and build the perfect water garden for any space to fit any budget.

Retaining Walls

Is your old wooden retaining wall falling down? We can install a beautiful long lasting retaining wall, weather it be in wood, rock, block or stone it will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also be structurally sound.


When choosing paving material there is more to know than what meets the eye. While stamped concrete may initially achieve a look that is somewhat similar to pavers poor durability and difficulty in making repairs have a dramatic impact not only on the appearance, but also on the actual cost in the long run. 


There are many creative ways to use Flagstone, whether you want a few stones throughout your garden or a new patio, natural flagstone material will add a beautiful touch to any garden.


Decks and fences are just as crucial when creating landscape architecture. Everybody loves a well-kept lawn, but the key to landscaping is to make sure it fits your personal needs and desires. Decks add a user friendly pace to any type of yard.


When creating a successful landscape one of the most important elements lies in the softscapes. Hardscapes add strength, while softscapes provide beauty. Evergreen Garden Co. will provide you with the most visually stimulating, practical softscape to fit your lifestyle and budget.